Lunch Menu

Serving from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm Tuesday thru Saturday


baked dynamite
Edamame 2.50
lightly salted steamed soy beans
Yakitori 4.50
grilled teriyaki chicken on skewer
Gyoza 4.50
pork dumplings with spicy ponzu sauce
Harumaki (Egg roll) 4.50
Agédashi Tofu 4.90
lightly fried tofu with tempura sauce
Crispy Calamari 5.50
golden crisp - calamari with tosazu sauce
Négima 5.95
asparagus and green onions rolled in thinly sliced beef and sautéed in teriyaki sauce
Soft Shell Crab 4.95
fried crab with ponzu sauce
Baked Dynamite 9.50
baked shrimp and jumbo scallop and vegetables with dynamite sauce
Saba 5.95
lightly salted broiled mackerel
Black Cod 5.95
broiled black cod marinated house sauce


Green Salad 2.95
mixed greens tossed with tangy sesame dressing
Seaweed Salad 5.50
assorted seaweed and sliced cucumbers with tosazu vinaigrette
Sashimi Salad 7.50
assorted sashimi tossed with cucumbers and special house vinaigrette
Sunomono Salad 7.50
assorted fish, cucumbers and wakame seaweed with tosazu vinaigrette
Crispy Salmon Skin Salad 5.75
salmon skin served over sliced cucumber and wakame seaweed in tosazu vinaigrette
Seared Albacore Salad 7.95
seared albacore tossed with mixed greens and tangy ginger sauce

Noodle Soup

Tempura Udon (without california rolls) 6.75
tempura shrimp and assorted vegetables served over thick flour Japanese noodles in hot soup
Nabeyaki Udon (without california rolls) 9.95
fish, chicken, asari, assorted vegetables, and crispy fried shrimp, over thick flour Japanese noodles in hot soup

Side Order

Rice 1.50
Miso Soup 1.50
Shrimp Tempura 5.95
three(3) fried shrimp tempura served with tempura sauce
Vegetable Tempura 4.95
assortment of six(6) tempura vegetables with tempura sauce
Mixed Tempura 4.95
two(2) shrimp and four(4) fresh vegetable tempura with tempura sauce
Soft Drinks 1.50
(Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, Lipton Iced Tea, Green Tea(hot), Green Tea(cold)
Bottled Water 1.50
Half Liter (Arrowhead) 1.95
One Liter (Fiji) 3.75


Served in a traditional Japanese bento box with rice and mixed green salad except the Sushi Sampler

Teriyaki Chicken Combo 7.50
Teriyaki Chicken with four(4) pcs of California Roll and two(2) pcs of Egg Roll
Teriyaki Beef Combo 8.75
Teriyaki Beef Sliced Steak with four(4) pcs of California Roll and two(2) Egg Roll
Teriyaki Salmon Combo 8.25
Teriyaki Salmon with four(4) pcs of California Roll and two(2) Egg Roll
Shrimp and Mixed Vegetable Tempura Combo 8.50
Shrimp and Mixed Vegetable Tempura with four(4) pcs of California Roll and two(2) Egg Roll

egg, salmon, tuna nigiri
Shrimp and Mixed Vegetable Tempura with sashimi 10.50
two(2) shrimp and mixed vegetable tempura with sashimi (three(3) pcs of tuna and two(2) pcs of salmon)
Sushi sampler (no substitution for sushi) 9.50
california roll (4 pcs), spicy tuna roll (4 pcs) and one each of nigiri (tuna, salmon, albacore, shrimp, egg, hokki gai)
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